Wet Basement Waterproofing

Servicing Southeast TN & Northwest GA for over 26 Years!

AAA Basement Waterproofing offers your home or business systems throughout out and effective. IF a waterproofing system is needed, we install interior drainage systems that collect, control, and channel water to a gravity-fed drain or a sump pump-fed drainage system to exit outside of the home, where it should be.

When AAA Basement Waterproofing installs a system, we also ensure a lifetime TRANSFERABLE warranty.

Why You Don’t Want a Wet Basement

Over 40% of the air you breathe in your home comes from your basement. Keeping your basement dry and free of water vapors and soil gases is a critical part of your family’s health. Water is a food source for bacteria. To eliminate the water problems and eliminate bacteria growth, it is essential to invest in Basement Waterproofing. Wet Basements will attract musty smells and moisture, which can damage the basement walls, floors, and even the home’s foundation. They can also cause…

▶︎ Sticking Floors and Windows
▶︎ Aggravated Asthma and Allergies
▶︎ Mold and Mildew
▶︎ Unsafe Foundation
▶︎ Damp Carpets and Furniture
▶︎ Rotting Floor Joists
▶︎ Buckling Hardwood Floors
▶︎ Increased Energy Bills

We Offer the Right Basement Waterproofing Solutions to Suit Your Needs

AAA Basement Waterproofing is dedicated to helping you reclaim valuable basement space. From your insulation to Basement Waterproofing needs, we take pride in designing custom basement waterproofing solutions that will fit the style and condition of your home. The health of your home depends on the quality of your basement. Don’t let moisture turn your basement into a dark, damp, scary place you hardly use!

No matter the challenge you have with your basement, the specialists at AAA Basement Waterproofing provide Waterproofing Basement LIFETIME SOLUTIONS.