Crawl Space Repair

AAA Basement Waterproofing can help you if you have a dirty, damp or musty crawl space in your Tennessee basement.

Where do Crawl Space Problems Come From?

Humidity is going to be the biggest problem for your crawl space. High humidity means moisture which causes mold growth and rotting floors as well as bad smells and attracts insects/rodents. Drastic changes in the weather in Chattanooga, Cleveland, Ringgold, East Ridge and the surrounding areas typically means higher humidity.

The Air you Breathe

Over 40% of the air you breathe in your home comes from the basement or crawl space. That means it is critically important to ensure that your crawl space waterproofing system stays dry and free of moisture, mold and other growths. Mold in your crawl space air means mold in the air your family breathes. Keep your family safe and free of air contaminants by getting a crawl space installed in your Tennessee home.

Crawl Space Waterproofing Systems

The first step is to install a modern drainage and sump pump system. This will help remove the moisture from around your home and keep the groundwater seepage to a minimum. After that you’ll want to seal all the outside air from your home by using one of our crawl space waterproofing systems. We use the most advanced methods to complete this setup and guarantee we’ll keep water and moisture from entering your crawl space.

The liner we use is thick and tough, and you will never need to worry about it tearing or rotting. Along with our vent covers and our entrance doors, we will seal off the crawl space completely and make it a suitable space to use for storage as well as a safe place to enter during a dangerous storm. These pictures show what one of our finished crawl spaces look like which will remain that dry — helping your home and family stay healthy.

Contact AAA Basement Waterproofing to find out what crawl space waterproofing solutions we have for your Tennessee home. We service all of the Tri-State areas so call today for a free estimate of our Tennessee basement waterproofing services.