Foundation Repair

We Keep your Home Solid!

Foundation repair is not something you want to put off as a homeowner. If your foundation is cracked and leaking or about to be… It IS TIME to call AAA Basement Waterproofing to help repair your home’s foundation!

CALL for a Free Evaluation on Foundation Repair

Regardless of how your house is built, we repair the existing foundation in basements and crawlspaces by adding more support to girders beams and joists to prevent bowing of the concrete block walls. We understand the severity of the problem you face or are going to face if your foundation fails. Foundation damage can lead to expensive structural repair costs and even worse, so don’t let Foundation Repair become an emergency. Get in touch today!

Free Relative Humidity Testing

Relative Humidity Testing or RH Testing is used to measure the amount of moisture in concrete. While humidity is needed in wood as well as the upper living part of buildings, excessive moisture in the concrete foundation is BAD!

High RH Levels can lead to rot, mold, bacterial growth, and even worse structural damage! Don’t let it get to that point call AAA Today!

When you call us we take all the extra steps in making sure your space is safe. We perform a free RH test upon arrival. If your RH readings are higher than 45% a cleanout of the basement area is recommended. RH levels are important to know. Call us for a FREE RH Test!

Protect Your Residential and Commercial Buildings

60% of homes suffer from foundation distress that may occur due to foundation heaves. We understand that these foundation issues can lead to bulging floors, uneven floors, cracked walls, and even cracked doors, which may also cause costly downtime. This is why at AAA Basement and Waterproofing Systems, LLC, we offer innovative foundation repair solutions guaranteed to last long. We evaluate underlying problems before determining the type of premium treatment your home deserves. With AAA Basement and Waterproofing, you build equity in your portfolio and keep your house in good shape at affordable prices.