Sump Pump Installations

Sump pumps are typically used as the final tool to remove water from basement waterproofing systems. That makes choosing a reliable sump pump incredibly important because a failing sump pump will likely result in a flooded basement. In order to counteract that, we offer the following guide for determining whether you’re purchasing a reliable sump pump.

We offer a 3 year warranty on Sump Pump Installation.

Sump pump installations are a necessary tool to keep the basement dry. If a system can be installed by a gravity-fed drain. Only install Zoller pumps, which are made in the USA, and relative most pumps run 10-12 years.

Avoid basement flooding altogether by calling AAA Basement Waterproofing. We’ll create a customized basement system plan to keep your Tennessee home safe and dry. Contact today for your FREE estimate and inspection.

Sump Liner

An effective sump liner won’t get clogged with mud or any other debris. It will also be pretty sizable so that it won’t constantly be turning on to pump out a miniscule amount of water.


No respectable wet basement company will offer you a lifetime warranty on their sump pump. Saying that would be nothing more than a tactic to help close the deal. If a sump pump fails and you need a new one, your basement is likely already going to be flooded.

Well Built Pump Stand

A solid sump pump stand will eliminate the potential for dirt or debris or silt or sediment from clogging the pump or affecting it in any way. A good pump stand also elevates the pump and keeps check valves and discharge pipes clean.

Effective Sump Pump Lid

An effective sump pump comes with a floor drain and is air tight. This is absolutely necessary in order to stop dirt and debris from getting into the systems and potentially clogging it. The lid should also be airtight to keep soil gases from escaping while still looking good.

Jeff Mahan with AAA B&W will go over in detail pump installation gravity-fed drainage installation and alarm battery back up and the installation of the discharge line exiting the home. All things that come with assuring that the system functions appropriately after free inspections.